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Big transitions (and the fears that come with them)

We've been making big moves over here: new house, new school, new life, new beginnings. I decided that Quinn needed a school district with a track record of supporting students with special needs, so I bought a house in a neighborhood close to my own childhood home. I teach in the same district, at the high school down the street, so we're all close to home and close to each other. Despite these new comforts and conveniences, I was still apprehensive about how my kids would weather these changes. Atticus had established a close circle of friends at his previous school and Lucy was used to the small classes and personalized attention she received at The Rise School. And Quinn...well, I had dreaded this day since I learned about that pesky extra chromosome. This move was made in large part due to his needs, but had I done enough in other ways to prepare him for the academic, social, and emotional aspects of public school? Was he ready? Was I? As the time got closer, I realized

Is this Thing Still On?

I'll be honest: I've avoided this blog for years now. And that's because for years now, I've been facing some pretty significant challenges and I haven't really been ready to discuss them or lay them bare for the world to inspect. And therein lies the problem of creating a life that's on display (even if it's only to advocate for your child with special needs): when things like divorce and crippling depression come calling, you never really know what you're supposed to say to this audience you've built. So you hide. You pull the covers over your head and hope everyone just walks away and forgets you exist, at least for a little while. And that's exactly what happened in the two-and-a-half years since my last post.  I wish I could say that I'm back because life got better after it got worse, but that would be a lie. Perhaps I'm back in the hopes that it will get better if I expose myself once more. I'm not really sure. But I have to