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The Reason for Sunday

Texas, You're Crazy. But I Still Love You

Ah, politics. In a state like Texas, it rarely goes the way I want it to. Take the current legislative session, for example. The GOP has a supermajority, making legislation like the Sonogram and "Loser Pays" Bills as easy to pass as a community college course in Philosophy. It's maddening to watch from my liberal sidelines as women's rights, education, and the environment take a back seat to corporate interests. The three biggest blows to the state are as follows:

5 Reasons to Love Summer (Even in Texas)

Summer is upon us. Ok, so maybe it's more upon me, seeing as how I get three months off to really experience Nature's way of saying, "hey, sorry it was so cold in January. Now you can go swimming and sleep without socks." Of course, summer in Texas is a pretty shitty apology, Nature. It's hot and dry and with the lake levels dropping like they have been, all the remaining swimming holes will likely be waterless by June. Nevertheless, it's still my favorite season and here's why: 1. BOOKS It's the only time of the year when I can really sit down and read a book. Sure, I read throughout the year, but by the time I get home from work and feed the kid and get him in bed, I read all of three pages before falling asleep. Even with a little one to chase around over the summer, he still naps twice a day, which means I get to curl up with a copy of A Visit from the Goon Squad and actually finish it in one week instead of five . 2. ROAD TRIPS No

Dirty Hippie...

...get a job!