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For Brian, on our 5th Anniversary

Five years ago today, I married the greatest man on Earth. Despite the cliché, Brian has genuinely earned this title again and again in the past ten years that I have known him. I am one of the lucky women who married her best friend. And while we have our moments of stress, disagreements, or the feeling that all romance has disappeared with the advent of parenting, we are still madly in love with one another. Those days of hours-long phone conversations, flowers, and fireworks have been replaced by a steady comfort that I think we both prefer. It can be exhausting to feel so passionate all the time. Our rock-solid relationship has become second nature. We know each other so well that I can finish his sentences and he can read my feelings with a quick glance. And our dreams for the future together are founded upon dedication, compromise, and a good sense of humor. Brian is good at making me laugh, especially when I'm taking life far too seriously. And this year has been the

Reasons Atticus is Crying (this week)

Oh boy. Our oldest son has been quite a challenge lately. To call Atticus strong-willed is akin to calling a grizzly bear soft and cuddly. It's been one melt-down after another lately and we're at our wits' end. In one of my most recent attempts to escape the screaming by perusing the internet, I came across the latest viral sensation, Reasons my Son is Crying . This tumblr features photos with a caption explaining all the silly, inane reasons one woman's son can't control his tiny emotions and, for me, it reads like a diary entry. So I was inspired to create my own "Reasons my Son is Crying" with Atticus. And before you call CPS for gross negligence of my child's emotional needs, I do understand why young children have trouble keeping their very powerful feelings in check and we work with him to find appropriate outlets for his anger and/or sadness. But if I don't make light of it, I'm liable to lose my mind before he grows out of this pha