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6 Weeks

It's hard to believe Quinn has been with us for 6 weeks already. Despite the ease suggested in my last post, it really has been a blur of sleep-deprivation and a reorganization of priorities. Having two kids is much more challenging than one, and I would be lying if I didn't admit my concerns for the future. We know that Quinn will face delays as the months continue, and this honeymoon period of he's-just-like-every-other-baby will end. It scares me, especially as Atticus continues to grow and mature with each passing day. How do I balance excitement for one with concern for the other and vice versa? How do I manage shifting expectations? How do I find the time to maintain my own sanity? And how do I do all of that while simultaneously working a full-time job and caring for the basic needs of my family? Maybe it's the isolation of maternity leave and the fact that I'm spending lots of time caring for Quinn while the rest of my family and friends live their lives as

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I know I owe you guys a post and I've spent the last few weeks trying to come up with something meaningful to share. I want to prevent this blog from becoming a series of journal entries because, let's be honest, that would bore the pants off most people, especially me. And so I haven't said much because I really don't have anything to say. Quinn is about as typical as a baby can be: he eats, he sleeps, he poops, he's learning to smile (that last one is worth celebrating, but I've yet to catch it on camera or even determine if it's a real smile or just gas-related. I'm going with the former). That said, he rarely cries and gives me little trouble. Atticus was the same way, so all my fellow moms can go ahead and curse my good fortune now. I will admit that I'm not familiar with the stressful, sleepless existence that most parents of newborns experience. Not that we don't have 3am feedings and diaper changes; it's just a little easier to handl

Photo Shoot!

I grabbed my camera the other day to shoot some pictures of the kiddos and got some pretty great shots. Granted, I had to bribe Atticus with the promise of cookies, but I've learned that parenting two kids requires me to completely abandon my ideal behaviorist tactics and take the easy route sometimes. Good thing I did, because Atticus is way cuter when he's smiling.