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Showing posts from August, 2011

Black is the New Black

Back to school. It was much harder this time around than the last, probably because I have an adorable 14-month-old that is no longer the main focus of my day. Instead, I'm now responsible for 165 unruly adolescents who want nothing to do with me, as I'm forcing them to write essays instead of sleep until noon. That said, there was a transaction worth mentioning that pretty much sums up my first week: Student: Miss, you're black on the inside. Me: What? Student: You're black on the inside. Me: Wait, like black as in awesome? Student: If you have to ask, then you get demoted back to white. Damn it; I was so close.

Catering to Cool

All right, hipsters…let me lay one on you. I think you're very cool and that band you like is awesome (wait, what's that? You like a new band? And I've never heard of them? How very original), but I have a bone to pick. Brian and I were given the incredible opportunity to put on clothing and leave the house for somewhere other than work in what most of you take for granted every Friday and Saturday night. Grandma decided it was time for a special night with her special little guy, which meant we were free to go get dinner and then meet friends for drinks afterwards.