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Stuff that Happened

I know, I know. I've been gone awhile. Sorry. Summer vacation leads me to a state-of-being hovering somewhere between doing nothing and everything all at once. For example, Brian and I just got back from Ouray, CO for our friends' wedding, spent a few days lying on the couch upon our return so I could play with Atticus and watch reruns of My So-Called Life, before hopping on a plane yesterday to North Carolina. In other words, when I'm not crossing the country, I prefer to do a whole lot of nothing, and updating the blog does not fit into either category. But since I've waited so long to say anything on here, I guess I'll update you on the past few weeks in pictures. Here's what you've missed:

First New Song of the Summer

Despite chasing the kid around for what feels like weeks (it's technically been a day. really. one day), I still found some time to write music. I cranked this one out during morning nap time, so forgive the abysmal sound quality. Hopefully I'll have a chance to write more as the months go know, assuming Atticus stops spilling sugar all over the floor. Oh crap, time to go.