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World Down Syndrome Day

Today is 3/21, which means that it's World Down Syndrome Day, in honor of the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. Our community chooses to celebrate in many different ways, from wearing crazy socks to posting pictures on social media of our loved ones with Ds. I usually make some basic statement about what Down syndrome means to our family under an Instagram picture and consider it done. But since I a) haven't posted to the blog in ages (sorry; I also realize my last post was, ironically, about my New Year's resolution to write more) and b) have a bit more to say today than usual, I decided to make it a full-fledged entry. I haven't written about Down syndrome in a while, so there's quite a bit of commentary I want to get off my chest and it's not all pretty. But keep reading; I like to end on a high note. The purpose of WDSD, which began in 2006 and was recognized by the UN in 2012, is to promote awareness for individuals with Down syndrome. There's