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DIY Scrabble Coasters

I was cleaning out a few cabinets that Atticus managed to explore the other day, thus reminding me that it was time to get that mess in order before I have to pick up old batteries, cat toys, and CD's (you remember CD's, don't you?) from the living room floor for the third time in an hour. In the process, I came across not one, but two Scrabble games. Seeing as how I don't think I've ever played either, I pondered over what I could do with the extra Scrabble tiles and came up with an easy and ingenious notion to turn them into coasters! After perusing Pinterest for some loose instructions (which delayed the start of this project for another hour because, let's face it, that site is addictive and amazing), I came up with a plan of action. Behold, the Scrabble tile coasters! So easy! So affordable! So aesthetically pleasing for your coffee table!

To Make Up for my Long, Unexpected Absence

I know, I know…I've been a terrible blogger. It's been nearly two months since my last post and you probably assumed I had either dropped off the face of the earth or (more likely) allowed the holidays to consume me like a bad fruit cake from your Aunt Maude that you really don't want to eat but, hey, it's there and you don't really feel like cooking anyway. The latter is more accurate, though at times during the season I felt like the former was more appealing. What's odd is that I typically love Christmas, but something was amiss this year and I honestly couldn’t wait for it to end. And here's why: 1. It was the first time I wasn't someone's granddaughter at Christmas. For three consecutive years, I've lost a grandparent, starting with my Grandpa Bob in 2009. Then, last December I said goodbye to my Nonnie. And this year my Gummy passed on Thanksgiving, though I am thankful I was with my father and sister when it happened and we could se