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A Sneak Preview

Technology is amazing. We went in for yet another follow-up ultrasound to check on little dude and everything looks great! Not only is the plueral effusion minor and static, but his previously dilated kidney is back to normal and the calcifications on his liver and stomach have disappeared. We were smiling from ear to ear, to say the least. What's more, our ultrasound tech decided that since we've been through the ringer with this pregnancy that she would do us a solid and take some 4d ultrasound pictures for us. Women pay tons of money for this service (Despite the fact that these ultrasounds cost us a small fortune each time we go in, they're medically necessary and not for vanity's sake), so it was pretty cool to get this added bonus yesterday. May I present to you your first glimpse of the Mighty Quinn...

Giving Thanks

This year Brian, Atticus and I were lucky enough to visit my dad and his wife, Barb in their beautiful Colorado home for Thanksgiving. We adore the mountains and dislike the cold, so we were in heaven with moderate temperatures and stellar views from their front porch. Normally, I'd throw on my chacos and hike Garden of the Gods (which is a mere mile from their house) or plan an excursion to a remote mountain pass, but the third trimester of pregnancy and excessive exertion don't mix, so we settled for a more relaxing experience this visit. We drove to 11-mile canyon and poked around, took Atticus to the "North Pole," a Christmas-themes amusement park, watched entirely too much football and indulged in copious amounts of holiday food. The best part, however, was the chance to spend time with my family, especially my dad, since we only get to see him a few times a year. We miss them already and can't wait to get back this summer. Until then, we'll have to reliv

A Silver Lining

The past few weeks have been a haze of worry and stress. Brian and I found ourselves going through the motions: wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat. We tried to smile around others and remain upbeat. We attended weddings and visited with family. We worked late and met friends for dinner. We took walks and went trick-or-treating with Atticus. But we were never truly present for any of these things because of the hypotheticals weighing on our minds.  You might remember my last post describing our latest doctor’s visit, in which the cardiologist said Quinn’s heart looked good but there was fluid around the lungs. Our OBGYN called later that afternoon to express her concerns and essentially said that we should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Since she’s typically not the gloom and doom type, we took her advice to heart and began to mentally prepare ourselves for further testing and observation, knowing that it could very well end with a worse-case scenario. People