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I Won't Call it Art...

...But here's my latest craft. I shredded pages from Farenheit 451 (the irony is not lost on me, but I can't say it holds any significant meaning) and used a flour and water paste to adhere it to canvas. Then I took old fabric and mounted it in a floral pattern with a glue gun. All in all, I found a great new way to decorate the walls of my living room with old shit lying around the house! Hooray for recycling!

Here we go...

Blogs are impossible to start. Seriously. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say…it’s just that, as I write this post, I have a baby screaming for attention from across the room because our behemoth dog won’t stop trying to steal his cracker. Atticus loves crackers, but it’s pretty much the only solid food he enjoys these days. At 8 months old, he should be gobbling down all manner of sloppy baby food goo, but he’s just not interested. Our pediatrician went so far as to suggest it might be a developmental delay requiring the assistance of a pathologist. I’m not quite ready to consider that yet, as it’s not that he can’t eat solid food, he just won’t. Which sucks because my mom got us this really cool baby food maker for Christmas that’s currently collecting dust and taking up Brian’s precious counterspace in the kitchen. We’re hoping there will come a day when we can whip up a batch of organic applesauce and actually have him eat it instead of what currently takes place, which is