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Operation Meltdown

Wow. Just, wow. Today was one of those days that further confirms why I will never be a stay-at-home mom. Ever. Granted, it's all the result of a 9-inch square of fabric that is, apparently, irreplaceable. You see, Atticus received a wonderful security blanket upon his arrival into this cruel, cruel world and he's spent the last 12 months growing rather attached to it. He doesn't sleep, eat, ride in the car, poop, or do anything without said blankie. As a result, we've been great at keeping track of the damn thing. We won't leave anywhere without first asking each other, "do we have the blankie?" So imagine my surprise when suddenly, WITHOUT LEAVING THE HOUSE, it disappeared. Really. As in, poof, it's gone. I've never looked so hard for anything in my life . The couch was ripped apart, the living rendered a disaster zone, but still no blankie. The most infuriating thing is that it must. be. here. somewhere. My only theories are as follows:

Raising the next member of the GOP

Brian and I have always joked that the only way Atticus can rebel against us is to become a Republican. We can accept pretty much any lifestyle choice except the one that, ironically, isn't very accepting. It's not that we don't appreciate a little fiscal conservancy or state rights in favor of a smaller federal government. All of that would be great if the GOP actually embraced those mantras instead of spending most of their time limiting gay rights and abandoning education in favor of big business...but I digress. I mention all this because, according to a recent Harvard study, we've just moved one step closer to driving the kid to Young Republican meetings at the State Capitol.