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Musings on the Sobering Reality of Natural Disaster

Texas is on fire, and I'm not referring to the heat (which has, oddly, been bearable this week). According to my lunchtime perusal through CNN headlines, some part of our state has been burning for 300 days straight, and the Bastrop fires are the most recent and devastating. Since the blaze began on Sunday, 34,000 acres have become engulfed in flames and nearly 600 homes lost. My heart goes out to those who have lost property and pets during these trying times.  Just Saturday Brian and I were talking about going to Bastrop State Park of all places to savor the fall-like weather we've been so desperate to enjoy after Austin's hottest summer on record. We drank our coffee on the patio and enjoyed the breeze, contemplating how we would collect baby and dog for a hike to welcome the new season. But word of the fire spread as quickly as the flames, and we watched in horror as the local media told of new destruction, updating their numbers in 30-minute intervals (and yet I could