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  1. I would like to start by saying I signed up on Instagram today just because of what I read on MSN. I am by no stretch of the means a Instagramer, tweeterer or any social media fan, but today I felt I had to say something and for what it’s worth I don’t usually comment on things of this nature. Your child is beautiful amazing in every sense he is more normal than you and I, he is not tethered by hate he nows no lies. His love is neither coerced nor scripted He knows no meanness or foul words He is a child a person and as you say “Not a punchline”. He is perfect anytime you need a baby sitter my wife and I will spoil him rotten. I am a 47 year old man married with 2 amazing children. For the first time in my life I had a tear in my eye reading your response to the troll that made a comment that was only a reflection of his own ugliness. Hate is learned and ignorance is taught. The student is as only as smart as the teacher and it is clearly evident by his comment his teacher or teachers were not very smart. I will not dignify him with anymore words as it is also evident he wants the negative attention. He is a sickness born to ignorance. I want to say you and your husband and your children are amazing. Nothing is more precious than to see a child smile and know the reason why. You are the reason why your heart and your love for your child show in his smile. Every day should not be called a challenge with Quinn, it’s a chance to learn from him. If we all had a little Quinn in us the world would not have ignorance or hate. We each have a gift others desire, Quinn’s gift is his innocence and how he sees life. Thank you for allowing me to know who Quinn is. Today my world is that much better knowing Quinn is in it and to know you are his parents. Thank you for standing up to the haters. Quinn has taught you well. God Bless all of you.

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  5. Sorry for posting a million times. I am new to this.

  6. From Belgium ... I don't speak very well english but on a belgium website your bad experience about Quinn was posted ... A lot of people are stupid and have a so poor life that they spend their time to try to make hurt, to critize, ... other. Your little boy is so cute and seems to be "well in is shoes" ! go futher and don't be destabilize by all these "little brains" ! VĂ©ronique

  7. Dear M, read your open letter on the cyber bully. Call me a big sook (as my DH thinks I am) but being a mother of 2 kids, I think God tasks certain people to bring kids who need a large resource of our love, strength and encouragement. Your blog seems to reflect these qualities in you. And your son is gorgeous. I'd want to cuddle him! I know my 2 yr old daughter would be giving him cuddles :) as she does to her lil brother! God bless. Love ur blog! Sarika E McLay

  8. I also searched you out after reading your response to that fool. Your son is beautiful. I have come in contact with a few children with D.S. They were so kind, sweet and innocent. I was so happy to see a Burger King near me had hired a young man with D.S. I could see everyone that ate there knew him and loved him. He looked so happy to be there and say hi to the regulars. Its good you have a thick skin and are a strong person. Even so, I am sure it isn't easy to deal with ignorance at times and you must have tough days. I hope God gives you extra strength on those days. I wish I could meet your son and give him a big hug. God bless you, Quinn and your family.