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  1. Your children is beautiful. I'm not joking. I've cry when I have seen a " monster " injure your children. YOUR SOON IS BEAUTIFUL.
    ( I'm sorry, I'm french...)

  2. What a cute very happy looking kid . you are lucky to have him .gayle d

  3. I just read your story online and I have to say that you handle that situation perfectly!! (I am sure most of the people who have seen the story will agree with me) You have showed me there is always a way to handle things and being angry is hardly one of them!!! BTW, your child is absolutely beautiful!!! After I saw the picture of him smiling just let me forget about anything unpleasant!!!! Keep it up and people with patients always comes last!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. well may be you`ll read this ,

    i read your open letter to that evil mad troll and i agree with you and it is necesarry to show your humanity and it is corage to to write an open letter while those trolls are those who made concentrationcamps and eutanasia .-proud Mama you got my warm hearted solidarety , and your`s chidboy is very charming as a male childnurse who worked for 6 years on an universety childhospital i can say parents of neuropathic children especially are the most adorable parents . And chilrdren with down Syndrome are one of the most charming free children i love their directly behave , i hold a few newborn of them in my arms and they gave me a lott of happyness . I wish you many many more happyness with your beloved boy , God blessed the child , the child is put into the stars as Rilke said . - Those totally opportunistic stupit selfish narcissist who try to put others down is an abusive perpetrator a jellous selfie and you are right his evil try to poisening happyness will fall back to himself .

    with warmhearted latesummer greetings and a big smile to your charming sunny boy son

    Holger Friedrichsohn from Berlin

  5. Hello Proud Mom and fellow writer,

    I read your letter to "that person" who bears really no significance in your life but begs the question "why?" would someone write something that's is so tragic and unbelievably uncalled for. However, your grace and willingness to address them is inspirational and shows a glimpse of your love for your son, which only your heart can truly express.

    I know how difficult it is to hear the bad words but remember that we are here to support you and your loving family. Never let those nay sayers or unhappy people effect your passion of sharing your life with the world and interested readers... I only know this too well.

    Continue writing and inspiring us all.

    Blessings... e