Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Lucy Louise!

One year ago today, my daughter came screaming into this world, ready to make her mark. As we navigated the flood waters of Houston, breathing through contractions and dodging cars going the wrong direction on I-10 in the pitch black 5am darkness because the other side of the freeway was underwater, I should have known Lucy was the kind of girl who would blaze her own path. She was ready to make her debut that morning, and no rising waters were going to get in her way. And as the year has progressed, her personality has blossomed before our eyes, dazzling us with her dimpled smile, demanding attitude, and ceaseless curiosity, all of which I saw coming that morning I went into labor. I knew her before she arrived, and yet now that she's here, she keeps surprising me.

One year ago today, I gave birth to my last baby. As a result, I've done my very best to cherish every snuggle, every milky warm breath on my chest, and every milestone, knowing it would be the last time I'd experience this list of firsts from one of my own. But a part of me is anxious and impatient to watch her grow. I adore clumsy toddling on chunky legs, and Lucy is getting closer to walking each day. I love when those first few words arrive, and we've had a slew of them over the past month or so. Lucy is a clever little thing, learning things at a rate I didn't realize was possible for a child her age. She is thoughtful and observant. She soaks it all in and turns it over in her tiny mind, figuring out what it all means. She loves to play with shoes and doors and blocks. She loves to put things in her mouth. She loves to babble and imitate and bang toys together. Most importantly, she loves to laugh these huge belly laughs that fill the whole house with such happiness that I fear the windows might break from trying to hold it all in. And while there will come a day when I will mourn the loss of baby toes and fluttering eyelashes, I acknowledge that time stops for no one, not even a mother desperate to cling to the final stages of babyhood.

We celebrated this little lady last Saturday at Gamma and PopPop's house. My mom outdid herself making the event a special one and all my favorite people here in Houston were able to join us. Even as a storm rolled during the "Birthday Song" (which is fitting, given the day she came into this world), I was still snapping pictures while her brothers swiped frosting from her pink smash cake. It was a special moment that I'll cherish forever, made even more special by the ones who helped us celebrate.

Happy birthday to my sweet lil' Lu. We are so happy you joined our family and made it complete. Your brothers adore you and your parents are in awe of you. I can't wait to see the strong, intelligent, and selfless woman you'll become someday, but only after we get a few more years of those chunky baby thighs.


  1. I could just eat her up!!! What a fun and sweet birthday party.

  2. I don't know what's sweeter....the kids or the beauties!

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