Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Today is #GivingTuesday, a time when we take a break from elbowing each other in the groin on Black Friday to save $50 on a new TV or spending the entire workday shopping Cyber Monday deals when you should be answering emails. It's a time when we consider the causes that are important to us and give what we can to help those in need.

As you know, Quinn attends The Rise School of Houston, a preschool for children with and without disabilities. It is, without question, the BEST place for his development and early childhood education. At Rise, Quinn receives speech, physical, and music therapy. He shares a classroom with 9 other children and 4 teachers (one of whom has a disability), and together they learn the skills needed to be independent, social, and ready for kindergarten. But, as the Rise website will tell you:

$24,000 – that’s the true cost to educate a child in Rise Houston’s intensive, highly effective program each year. A small price when the long-term payoff is so great. Yet the price is still out of reach for most families. To keep Rise affordable for families, tuition is set at a portion of the real per-student cost, about $1600 a month or $19,000 a year in 2012-13. Two-thirds of our families apply for and receive scholarships of 20%-70% off full tuition based on their needs, but every enrolled family pays something.

Without the help of donors like you, Rise would be impossible for many families, including our own. Can find it in your heart to give, even just a small amount, to make Rise a reality for deserving families? If so, you can donate here.

If you're still not convinced, just watch this video to see all the great things this school is doing for kids like Quinn, Atticus, and Lucy. We are so fortunate to have this amazing program in our area and are eternally grateful for the donations that make tuition and attendance possible for my children and all the others that make our great Rise School family.

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