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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Photo Dump

Houston, meet October. October, Houston. Glad you two are finally acquainted because before this past weekend, I was ready to leave this humid swamp pit behind. And then a glorious fall front made its way down South, sending swarms of impatient Houstonians to a place we've only dreamed of since April: outside.

We decided that the pumpkin patch of Blessignton Farms in Fulshear was a good way to spend the afternoon, so we loaded the kiddos into the car and took the scenic drive west of town. I'm almost tempted to abort this post altogether, as Blessington Farms might be the area's best-kept secret and I don't want to be fighting throngs of people next year when the cat's out of the bag. But at the risk of giving too much away, I'll just say that the $10 admission includes tons of family-friendly activities without obnoxious lines, overpriced concessions, or insufficient parking. Thanks to them, we snagged some pretty adorable pictures on our visit without too many tears or complaints.


Quinn's dream of holding a farm animal IN HIS VERY OWN HANDS becomes a reality.

Prettiest pumpkin in the patch

Left: while eating popcorn. Right: upon realizing he ate all the popcorn.


  1. Quinn's face is priceless in the holding his own farm animal picture. Love!

  2. So nice. Have a good day.

    Lg Mel

  3. Can't wait to see all these kiddos soon! What an adorable romper ;)