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Monday, April 15, 2013

Reasons Atticus is Crying (this week)

Oh boy. Our oldest son has been quite a challenge lately. To call Atticus strong-willed is akin to calling a grizzly bear soft and cuddly. It's been one melt-down after another lately and we're at our wits' end. In one of my most recent attempts to escape the screaming by perusing the internet, I came across the latest viral sensation, Reasons my Son is Crying. This tumblr features photos with a caption explaining all the silly, inane reasons one woman's son can't control his tiny emotions and, for me, it reads like a diary entry.

So I was inspired to create my own "Reasons my Son is Crying" with Atticus. And before you call CPS for gross negligence of my child's emotional needs, I do understand why young children have trouble keeping their very powerful feelings in check and we work with him to find appropriate outlets for his anger and/or sadness. But if I don't make light of it, I'm liable to lose my mind before he grows out of this phase. So enjoy the photos and explanations of his many tantrums and admit that you want 12 just like him...

Why my son is crying this week:
He doesn't want to take a bath

He wants to get back in the bath

he needs shoes
not these shoes
I won't let him overdose on vitamins

I can't remember why he's crying here. It was obviously important

He wants an egg right. this. very. second.

We told him that eggs must be cooked before eating.

We told him to eat his egg if he wanted fruit snacks. You know, since he DEMANDED it.

The park is boring. He wants to go home.

Home is boring. He wants to go back to the park.

And the coup de grace....

I won't let him have his 145th jellybean on Easter Sunday


  1. That made my day!! Sometimes you have to laugh at the tantrums in order to stay sane!
    Thank you for sharing :0)

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing! Me and my wife thought our son was a unique case...