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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bulldog Shirt

To understand the story of the Bulldog Shirt, you first need to know a little bit about the person who gave it to us. Justin is one of our favorite people in the entire world. We met back in college and we became fast friends. We share a love of music and food (in fact, we joke that we're culinary soulmates because our tastes are nearly identical), and he's always quick to offer help when help is needed. When Brian and I got married five years ago, a huge storm blew through during the reception. Justin had the genius idea to ask our DJ, Car Stereo Wars, to play "Footloose" and turn the speakers into the courtyard so we could all dance barefoot in the rain. Now, whenever anyone asks about our wedding, we show them the pictures of the entire party getting down in a downpour while wearing their Sunday best. It was a magical moment, all thanks to Justin. Over the years he's surprised us with concert tickets and fine dining dinner dates, allowing Brian and I to enjoy rare moments of solitude while he watched Atticus (and "Yo Gabba Gabba"). So when the bulldog shirts came in the mail for Christmas, I knew they were from him. Because in addition to being an outstanding guy and babysitter extraordinaire, he's also an incredible photographer and designer, and has his finger on the pulse of all things cool.

The Bulldog Shirt is more than just a shirt, though. It was designed by Eric Smith, a designer and all-around cool guy from Washington, whose son Hobbs (gasp! I ADORE his name) is also sporting designer genes. The bulldog shirt was created in his honor and is meant to help celebrate Down syndrome and all the joy it can bring to families like ours, and to raise money for the Spokane Guild School, which has been a source of immeasurable support for Hobbs and other kids with special needs in their area. So it is with great pride that Quinn wears his bulldog shirt today (Atticus and I also have one and wear them proudly, but you don't want to see any pictures of me in a tight-fitting tee just yet...I still have residual baby belly to lose first). Not only does it support and honor kids with Down syndrome, but it also reminds us of Justin and the mad love we have for him.