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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Raising the next member of the GOP

Brian and I have always joked that the only way Atticus can rebel against us is to become a Republican. We can accept pretty much any lifestyle choice except the one that, ironically, isn't very accepting. It's not that we don't appreciate a little fiscal conservancy or state rights in favor of a smaller federal government. All of that would be great if the GOP actually embraced those mantras instead of spending most of their time limiting gay rights and abandoning education in favor of big business...but I digress.

I mention all this because, according to a recent Harvard study, we've just moved one step closer to driving the kid to Young Republican meetings at the State Capitol.

It all started with an invitation to visit my mom in her gated, golf-course community in Conroe, Texas for the 4th of July. My mom, a self-proclaimed Democrat, often feels a bit out of place in her neighborhood because it's teeming with the kind of people who send out email petitions to eliminate Spanish language options on ATM machines. I know, they're crazy, but we can overlook all that because we like visiting family (especially family with swimming pools and boats). That said, upon accepting said invitation, we were also unwittingly agreeing to participate in the neighborhood Independence Day Parade, in which everyone decorates their golf carts and parades through the neighborhood throwing candy to the spectators. It seemed innocent enough, and we were even willing to laugh off the overly patriotic "freedom isn't free" music blaring from most of the golf carts and the paper mache likeness of George W. Bush's head. Then we got home and heard about this:

Well, shit.

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