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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Austin's greatest week just wrapped up and I'm relatively certain the city's collective hangover will severely limit productivity at work tomorrow. We were lucky enough to have my mom's mad babysitting skills and really go all in this year for music, parties, and entirely too much free beer. The results were some new discoveries and quite a few revisits from old favorites. While the lineup was not as saturated with the awesomeness of years past, there were more than a few great shows worth mentioning:

1. The Head and The Heart: this alone made my entire SXSW experience worthwhile. Not only is their music delightfully pop-y and soulful (to accomplish both is a feat in itself), but they're not bad looking either. hehe. I can't stop listening to this track:

2. GIVERS: They played after The Head and The Heart, and considering how much I gushed over them above, it was a tough act to follow, but they captured my ears' attention nicely. 

3. The Cool Kids: As the name implies, these guys are just so cool. Seriously, who else could pull off the lyrics, "Step out the crib with the bear claw slippers"? We saw them at the Fader Fort after the terrible hardcore band, Trash Talk, who got super-rowdy and threw a trash can into the crowd, which smacked a poor girl in the face and likely broke her nose. Naturally the crowd was a little on edge after that, but The Cool Kids brought everyone back with their old-school beats.

4. Sun Airway: We were a little bummed to only see the last few songs of their set at Lovejoy's, but these guys were great...can't wait for them to return so we can check out a full show. They had great energy on stage and a new sound that makes me feel like indie pop/rock is finally being reinvented.

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