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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our remodeling adventure

I’m really proud of Atticus’ room…I mean really, really. Some of you know the complete chaos that existed in our home in the days and weeks before our son arrived. Our house was a crazy maze of bedrooms and not much living space, and in order to get to our master bedroom, we had to walk through what we wanted to be the nursery. As a result (and when I was 5 months pregnant), we embarked on remodeling journey of moderate proportions that ended up becoming epic (did I mention I was pregnant?). The result was incredible and well worth the dust and stress and holy-shit-will-we-finish-this-before-Atticus-arrives? conversations. Our living room got bigger and I got a completely closed-off nursery to nest…here’s the result:

The mural I painted to match my owl theme. My older sister surprised me with the gorgeous Dwell Studio sheet shet and I built the room around it (she's also responsible for the crib, which belonged to my 10-year-old niece when she was a baby...she kept it all these years for me).

Our reading nook: for my baby shower, all my friends gave me a copy of their favorite books from when they were kids, which built an incredible library. Also notice the origami cranes hanging from the window that my friend Julie made for Atticus + the cool blanket my sister sewed a patchwork owl on to match my theme. I have such awesome friends!

And for good measure (and because Brian worked his ass off to build it for me and deserves a little appreciation), our new living room:

I love hearing Papa jam...

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